Dangers at Cape Tribulation

Dangers at Cape Tribulation


Between November – May, there are stinging jellyfish in the seas. If you want to swim in the ocean at this time you should wear a stinger suit. You can buy stinger suits in Cairns and also over the internet. If you are booked on an ocean based tour you will be provided with a stinger suit, by your guide.


Crocodiles are found in the estuaries of the rivers on the Daintree Coast. It is not safe to swim near the mouths of rivers. Ask locals where it is safe to swim. In the wet season, the rivers are very icy and swimming holes located upstream, away from the coast, provide a refreshing alternative to swimming in the ocean, which many locals find too warm.


You should not be frightened of seeing a snake, as they are usually not dangerous for humans. Most rainfores snakes are non-venomous, and quite shy. The best chance of seeing a snake is to go on a guided nightwalk with either Masons Tours or Jungle Adventures.


The cassowaries should be treated with great respect, as they can be very aggressive, run at high speeds (faster than you), and have a dagger like claw that can disembowel you. If you come face to face with a cassowary, back away slowly and look for a tree to hide behind. The bird may be quite curious, and yelling and waving a jacket may also help frighten him off.


This tree has large heart-shaped leaves, with jagged edges, and very fine hairs on the leaves. It has red berries hanging from the trunk which are very tempting to try and touch. If you touch a leaf, you can receive a very painful sting, which can last for a long time. These trees are generally found on the edge of forest clearings - they are one of the pioneer species which helps regenerate a gap in the forest. Some accommodation houses have stinging trees with a fence around them and a sign to show you what it looks like.